Moon Gardening Calendar - Planting by the moon phases for greater gardening success
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Moon Gardening Calendar - developed by Jean & Ray Scott

Discover how easy it is to garden when you have the Moon working for you!

This calendar works on the Moon's influence, rather than the zodiac.

It has been known for thousands of years the benefits of gardening by the moon. Just as the moon influences the rise and fall of the tides, so it is that plants, having a high water content, are also influenced by the moon phases.

This perpetual Moon Calendar unlocks the secrets of the lunar cycles with easy-to-follow directions on the right time to plant, when to fertilise, when to cultivate and even when to fish.

Following our Moon Calendar ensures seeds germinate sooner; plants are healthier and produce higher yields. As featured on "Better Homes and Gardens", Feb 6, 2009. Their independant trials produced impressive results.

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February -2009


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How to plant and garden by the Moon Calendar - the calendar is simple to use and applies anywhere in the world.

At the start of each month align the New Moon symbol to the matching date of the new moon for that month on your Moon Calendar.

Moon phases are listed in newspapers and diaries or go to our New Moons page. You are now set to begin planting to achieve the greatest success!

Our Moon Calendar also includes handy "companion planting" tips for popular  vegetables and fruit.

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Moon Gardening Calendar

Turn the dial once a month for
use year after year!


The Moon Calendar increases your gardening success

Our Moon Calendar divides the 28-day lunar cycle into six separate gardening periods that reveal the optimal days for planting different crops, when to harvest and propagate, when to prune and cultivate, and the best time for fishing.

Good gardening practices of fertilising and watering are also required but gardening by the moon phases creates strong plants with greater disease resistance and thus better returns for your efforts.

The Moon Calendar creates a regular monthly routine so your time and resources are used more efficiently.

Personally tested for more than 35 years in the market gardening and horticultural industries. Our Moon Calendar is a simple, easy-to-use calendar which is set once a month and used year after year.